Austin Vu
Chicken Little

“I can do all things.”

– Philippians 4:13

Austin joins EDscapade as one of its youngest stakeholders. He is attending UC Irvine this fall to study electrical engineering. Academically and professionally, Austin aspires to be a ‘fix-it’ man and wants to help make things work in big organizations. His interest in EDscapade and the escape room business stem from his close relationship with certain owners who also are his badminton coaches. Despite his young age, he wanted to get in on this business from the very beginning. While new to the industry, he has already developed the ability to see props and puzzles with an unusual perspective, making him a great asset on any escape room team. Of the few rooms he’s played, his favorite is Omescape’s “Chaos in the Galleria”. When he’s not cracking all the weird bones in his body, Austin enjoys competing in sports (basketball, badminton, volleyball) as well as playing the piano. Always open to new adventures, his next big to-do is skydiving!