Clayton Trinh

“Always be proud, but never be satisfied”

- Anonymous

Clatyon is a native San Josean who graduated from Silver Creek High School. He is currently a student at De Anza College and plans to transfer to San Jose State University to major in Kinesiology. Because of his love for fitness and health, he aspires to be a Physical Therapist. With big goals comes big ambitions. He comes to EDscapade because of the community and teamwork, hoping to learn more about how to run a business. His first and favorite escape room is Joker's Asylum at Omescape San Jose because of all the hidden entrances throughout the room. Clayton’s special skill is being able to match puzzles with locks and thus is able to see the overall flow of the room. When he's not eating Jollibee’s famous fried chicken, he is playing video games or working out. He aspires to own his dream car, a C8 Corvette.