Quang Truong

“Flameo, hotman!”

– Aang (Avatar: The Last Airbender)

Quang T is a diamond in the rough; he stands out and always goes against the grain. And following the theme of non-conformity, he is going to write the rest of this bio in the first person: Much better. If you’re reading this, I’m wishing that your game either goes well or went well! A little bit about me: I know 6 digits of pi, most of my free time is spent procrastinating (which I regret later), and one of my long-term life goals is to get a cat. If you were playing with me, I apologize in advance but am thankful that I had the honor to host you — hopefully you enjoyed and had fun regardless :^) In the off chance that you’re reading this before you start your experience, shave my face with your finger for good luck! And to top it off, you can also venmo me $1 >:) 100% pass rate guaranteed. Works every time