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A Great Appreciation

Thank you to everyone who has come to support our small business.  We are so grateful for all the wonderful feedback that you have all provided us, and will continue to work hard so that we can meet the needs of our customers.  

Like many small businesses, we are blessed to have escape room enthusiast and newbies, like yourself, come and lose sense of reality, if only for just one hour.  As a child, I used to love reading books and hearing stories of adventures, and got caught up in the “Choose your own adventure” books, giving you a new story with each decision you make.  As an adult and with my company leaders, we all believe that everyone should be able to escape reality, enjoy an adventure not far from home, but far from the timeline they currently live in.  

Why not dive in and take the leap of faith, that what you’ve learned all your life, has given you all the necessary skills to be the victor in a time test, pitting yourself against scenarios you’ve only seen in movies.  Don’t sit there and read about it, come and live it; enjoy a world you’ve only thought about, and really see what you would do when given the choice to choose between your own escape or helping out a loved one.  

My favorite part comes at the end, when you share your adventure with our host and GM’s who were instrumental in creating an environment like none you have experienced before.  Their success, is linked to yours.  We take everything that you liked into considering what we want to make in our future games, and anything that doesn’t work, we strive to fix.  We are ever evolving, and what you played a month ago, you’ll see, if you ever come back, has evolved into something spectacular.

The Escape Experience is what we live to feed.  Each with its own unique cast of actors, and each with their own woes and successes.  You deserve more than every day routines, in fact you’ve earned the right to let go of systems, and explore your human extinct.  For once, let us take the drivers seat, and wisp you away to an adventure that will forevermore be embedded as a memory to tell the great tale of you, and how you escaped danger, or became a hero, or…