our story

How it all began and who we are.
Nine friends, nine dreams, and one fantastic execution. The manifestation of EDscapade Games blossoms from their love of the game. A passion that was once just a vision has transformed into reality through the cumulation of countless escape room experiences. With these experiences, the nine strive to deliver an experience unknown to the NorCal region. Plunging headfirst into the challenges that come with starting a business, this team strikes the perfect balance of form and function.
Adman, who is well-versed in the social media space. Skiddie, an essential component of the EDs puzzle, which brings his logical prowess to the game. Mirotic, a creative type who is organized and maintains the bridge between owners and stakeholders. Archmage, the infinite database for everything escape rooms. Kairos, the lead for our scheduling system. None, the face of EDs that unites our team. Atlas, the macgyver handyman who doesn’t seem to grasp the concept of “impossible.” Coinmaster, the economic genius behind EDs. Elusive, the one who orchestrated everything, and responsible for the cohesiveness of the EDscapade team.

The Owners