Justin Nguyen

“Be ashamed to die until you have won some victory for humanity."

– Horace Mann

The Spring of 2018, EDscapade’s very own GOAT and Varsity Captain of the Badminton team, decided to pitch the idea of venturing into an Escape Room as a means of team bonding. Little did this San Jose native and NYU undergrad know that at that very moment, the inception of EDscapade Games was born. A muse as his birthright, and a film director to be, he finds Escape Rooms are lit by design, but that’s only a piece of the whole, the ambience, the adrenaline, and that ticking timer, all intertwined so delicately as the foundation for those who can succeed and know too well that quiver in the ecstasy of success. Like the favored Hex Room, or the adrenaline of sky diving, or even being at a Super Bowl where the Eagles claim victory, it's that moment when the eyes hesitate, they don’t want to close for fear of what they may miss, nor do they want to open for fear of what lies beyond the door, is when the show begins. A quick gaze, a slight guffaw, and then magic, a room, like a rubric’s cube, begins to assemble, and the escape seemingly emerges, and the stage is set. The uncanny ability to see the world beyond the imagination, to accept the impossible, and bring balance to the improbable, that’s the mark of a true genius.