Daniel Pham

"Do what you can't."

– Casey Neistat

Daniel Pham is an explosive asset to the EDscapade Team. With a burning passion to exceed his own limits, Daniel strives to do what he can’t. As a graduate at the University of California, San Diego, he has clearly proven that he deserves a spot among the best and the brightest across the country. His honest nature is a trait that many should take note of, especially because his honesty is what makes him such a formidable idol. The twinkle in his eyes says it all; “I am Daniel”. Daniel is a man of multifaceted dimensions, having each layer of himself exponentially better than the last. His affinity for sleep is what gives him life and in his sleep he dreams to one day own a Golden Retriever. His linear and layered thinking is what he brings to the table when he is faced with the challenge of an escape room, and he notes that “Meet Zoe” is his favorite escape room. He chose to take his talents to EDscapade because he happened to be in the right place at the right time; the CEO had asked him to come out for coffee and to fix his computer, and by the end of their encounter, he had walked away with a free cup of coffee, partial ownership of EDscapade, and a working MacBook. Legendary.