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About Hostage

I remember the first time I stepped into a thriller/horror-themed escape room experience. Scary movies have always gained my interest, movies like Paranormal Activity, not because it was that scary, but it reminded me of all the things that can happen when I sleep. The subtle shifts, the feeling of sitting at your desk, and all of a sudden the hair on your neck begin to stand for no reason, and even the body twitches in the night… were they twitches or did someone grab my feet? It’s movies that remind us of all those “paranormal” occurrences we experience, but then write off for some logical explanation, making ourselves feel better than if it’s just the house settling, rather than embrace the fact that we are not alone in this world.

I was in Vegas, excited to embark on another escape room adventure, a serial killer themed one at that. As we took our Uber, we ended up in a lot that matched the theme of the room. So this was what an abandoned lot looked like, and this is what the alley winds feel like, who knew that these very same winds carry the emotions of fear, as it wrapped your body in its chill, I’d take a deep breath, and only looked ahead. Once we entered the facility, black and red decor matched the eerie squeaks of the restroom door, followed by bags for our head, as we were taken one by one into the basement of our killer. As I opened my eyes, the unsettling decor made my heart race, the feel of the room left nothing, and yet everything to the imagination. Moving through the rooms, I opened a door and turned bright white at the sight of our live actress.

Hostage - is our classic serial thriller themed flick. Reserve up to six at our hostel, come for the hype, and some stay for the slaying. It is themed with all those moments, you wished the actors in horror movies wouldn’t do. You remember right, the moments where the audience comes alive and tells the actor to go the other way, or not walk down the hallway, or not to stick their hands and legs there. We’ve created an experience for our customers to enjoy those moments first hand. We want them to choose what they do when given the choice, and of course, become the actors that don’t make THOSE wrong decisions.

There is nothing to fear but fear itself, what else do you have to lose?