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About My Very First Time

When I think back to the excitement I had during my first venture into escape rooms, I laugh and realize how clueless I was. From looking at the serial numbers of every book in the room to overwhelming myself with the idea that everything was a clue for something else, and being way too stubborn to use one of the three clues I could have to escape.

Luckily, I had some dead ringer teammates, who had only done a “few” escape rooms before. It almost seemed unfair that they would know what to look for, while I could not figure out what not to look at. Fast forward to several hundred escape rooms later through the nation, we came up with My Very First Time, as a way to bridge that gap between brand new to newer escape room enthusiasts. It is our introduction to Escape Rooms, containing all the essential components that an escape room would most likely have, blended with an incredible adventure of a lifetime. It is made for those who have NEVER played an escape room, as their introduction of all the things that can be.

My Very First Time is our way of taking all newcomers onto an adventure like no other, built just for those who have no experience with escape rooms. From the moment you search our web, you’ll be warped into a realm where each member of your group will don the clothes and powers of a class akin to their personality (as measured through a short survey you have on the booking page), to the moment you reach EDscapade Games, where your Game Master Prophet awaits. Once you enter the tavern, you’ll have one hour to use your clever and wit to unravel the mysteries, level up your characters, and find yourself in a battle of a lifetime.

Adventure awaits those brave enough to claim it, are you game?