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Let The Healing Begin

The past year has been difficult, to say the least, we have all endured an unprecedented time in our own lives.  Disconnecting from the world, not able to see family, not able to meet up with friends, and more importantly, the one element that makes us all human is losing those daily connections we sometimes take for granted.  As a small business, we are so appreciative of all our patrons and eternally grateful for all the laughs, screams, and scares you’ve endured with us.  As a person, I am so humbled and thankful to all our customers, for bringing in your positive energy and smiles back into our Escape Rooms.

Now that our state is on amends, we would like to invite all new and veteran players to come and join us for our newly revamped Hostage game, as well as our newly revamped BoX game, where you can uncover your inner warrior, or unravel the mystical magic within each of us.  

For those who want a challenge, our Nursery game will come to life at the end of May and will be ready for some of our thrill-seekers.  Our 45 minute + 15 minutes game will bring everyone back to your childhood where we used to rely on our blankets to shield us from all the things that go bump bump in the night.  Our most creative venture into the supernatural, we’ve taken every precaution to invigorate your goosebumps, and every safety measure to get your blood pressure pumping.  

As we continue to make every experience the most memorable, we rely on the fears and heartbeats of our customers to guide us down the right path in the paranormal.  Let’s celebrate the slow reopening of California together, reconnect with your friends, and experience something new with your family.  

We look forward to connecting with each and everyone one of you very soon.