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My Very First Time

It was a chilly, dark, ominous Friday night. We had just finished badminton practice and drove to the local boba shop. All of a sudden I get a mysterious phone call. I picked up and a peculiar voice spoke forth a chain of events that would alter my life forever. 

Before joining Edscapade Games I knew absolutely nothing about escape rooms. I had heard about the concept because they never appealed to me. One day my chemistry teacher, Mr. Vu invited me and a few friends to go play an escape room. The room we played is The Galleria at Sunnyvale Omescape. 

Coming in, I didn’t expect much since I have seen footage on YouTube of people playing escape rooms before and it looks “boring” and “basic”. However, my thoughts would soon be proven wrong the moment I set foot in the game. 

Without giving too much spoilers away, I was in awe the moment I stepped into that room. The set designs, amount of detail, vastness of the room, and I could go on and on were spectacular. I believe the room was about 1hr 30mins long and oh boy it was well worth it. 

After playing The Galleria I got hooked into escape rooms. Everytime I would go to a new city or on vacation to somewhere I would always search for escape rooms and play one. Furthermore, I now work at Edscapade Games and love my job. Whenever I host and see that people are having a good time and enjoying escape rooms like me, a small spark lights inside me.