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Quintessential Escape Artists

I think one of the biggest things we learned in running an escape room business was what kind of clientele we get coming in.  At first, it was mostly people in their mid-late twenties to mid thirties.  Then a curious thing we started to notice about our clientele, well for those who would eventually be able to escape the clutches of our Hostel Hatchet.  We noticed that the best escape artist, or those who were versed with the chain and locks would be among the most beautiful people to walk the earth.  I am of course, talking about our female escape artist.  For some reason, their male counterparts don’t do well under pressure.  In the strangest turn of events, the women who come will be the most scared visually, and then you put them in chains, blindfolds, locks, and add a live actor experience, and the damsels become the heroines.  For some reason, they go into a different hunting mode, and the see no evil, or hear no evil.

What we learn from data and science, is contrary to what we see when push comes to shove.  Women are the leaders, and also the protectors.  It’s like this instant morph, that when they smell fear among one of them, another stands tall acting as a fear shield to their teammates.  It’s an amazing metamorphosis.  It’s so interesting to the fact, that their male counterparts, who acted really brave outside, become the ones that need helping.  Under stress, our female patrons use their clever and wit to escape, while their male counterparts will use brute strength and then more brute strength.  What we can say is, that most of the damages and fixes have not come from the heroines, but instead the reactions of our male patrons to some event that has happened in the room.

The other thing that we have learned is that adrenaline is a real thing in escape rooms.  For many men, adrenaline builds up in strength, and some of the things we’d need tools to move, fear motivates them, and they are single handedly able to move them.  All the while their female counterparts metabolize adrenaline differently, definitely forcing themselves to use their mind to figure out the most logical approaches to puzzles.  Now, I would be lying if I said it was 100% like this, but it isn’t.  However, it’s enough to note that these behaviors can be seen true in more than 60% of our patrons.

Having stated the truth about Venus and Mars in this post, I should note that although the success rate of females in horror type escape rooms is something to be noted, the record books still show that Mars still dominate our leaderboard, in terms of fastest times getting out.

A Call to All - We will provide a significant discount to groups who want to try our male versus female challenge, do it old school bring a group of 3 males versus 3 females or more, and prove us wrong, or even more encouraging for us, is to prove us right!  Call for your escape today, and be part of the solution, or add to the conundrum.