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Size Matters

By nature, Escape Experiences are unique. One would think that the more people you have, the easier the room can become, but it’s quite the opposite. Many experiences are made for a finite number of people, due to the size, nature of puzzles, and the type of experience. Just know that when you book an escape room, look to see what the recommended size of the group is. For most rooms, 4-6 players seems to be the ideal number of people, however, certain rooms will take more and certain rooms that will take less.

For example, our Hostage room indicates that we recommend 2-6 players, although we can take more than 6, we don’t recommend it. There is a huge let down in what can be done with that many people. When it was built, we built it with the maximum number of people in mind, and then pull back on the experience to cater to less. Groups who come in with 7 or 8 people will find themselves suffering from diminishing returns. There will be times when people are idle waiting for others to do things, or the spaces become too cramped to see the bigger puzzle.

If your group is small, then be prepared for what’s to come. There are times in the experience where you will be asked to be separated, and hopefully, you will be able to overcome some of the obstacles you will need to do individually, to find your friends again. What we’ve learned is that Hostage makes a great experience for those looking to test their relationship, and a MUST on your date night to-do list. What better way to find out how much you care for each other, then to put it to the test, and either run from all the fears you’ve manifested since birth or learning to stand tall because someone else you love needs you.

Yes, part of the joys in being an owner, is to see relationships grow stronger through the love that one has for another, or watch in the drama unfolding of a relationship doomed to fail before the experience can begin. For those not willing to test their relationships, then bring a third scapegoat, because then succeed or fail, it was that person’s fault, not the relationship. What good are friends when they can’t help strengthen your relationship, and take the fall so that you can rise tall!

We look forward to seeing your escape, either from the room or from yourself. It’s going to be a ride either way!