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Mind Escape

Alice In Wonderland


It was just another magical day in the Wonderland. You fell down the rabbit hole into the adventure of a lifetime, and have met many wonderful new friends along the way. Even the Queen was friendly enough to extend an invitation to her Annual Royal Tea Party.

Everything was going smoothly, until you lost her invite. Now you’ve gone and missed all the festivities, and The Queen is furious. Maybe the White Rabbit forgot to deliver it? Maybe the Cheshire Cat, up to his old tricks, stole it while you weren’t looking? Whatever the case may be, excuses wont be enough to stop the Queen’s anger. It looks like it’s gonna be off with your head!

Unless...you’re able to turn BACK time. That way you can make it to the Tea Party right before it originally started. At least that’s what The Mad Hatter suggested. You can’t help but laugh. Turn back TIME??? It’s an impossible task, but The Hatter insists it’s simpler than you think. However, can he really be trusted? He is mad after all. Well, with The Queen out to get you, it looks like you don’t really have a choice. So you head off to The Hatter’s House, hoping to keep your head intact!

Highlights/Your Opinion/Review:

No locks! This game made use of a lot of difficult physical and visual puzzles. Decor was excellent, but you might get bogged down on 1-2 puzzles.

Fun Facts:

  • Mind Escape is located in Old City in Philadelphia which is near a lot of food/attractions; all elements of "Alice in Wonderland" were used.
  • There was a  neat "don't touch the wire" puzzle and physical puzzle pieces which added to the intensive use of the funnel format.