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Budapest Express


The Budapest express game is themed and based upon the famous trans-European Budapest Express. There has been a murder on the train, and you have 60 minutes to catch the murderer or you will lose him/her when the train stop at the next station.

Highlights/Your Opinion/Review:

Budapest Express is advertised as Escapology’s second hardest room. I would say this is because the puzzles really designed to follow the theme of the game. This forces players to take a different approach than the normal escape room routine that they may have gotten used to. If you successfully beat the game, you will earn a rubber bracelet with Budapest Express on it to commemorate your escape. Budapest Express did succeed at creating an immersive murder mystery experience for my group and that left us a lot to discuss. I’m sure it will do the same for you.

Fun Facts:

All of Budapest’s puzzles are themed and consistent with its storyline. There is an introductory video that you have to watch, and it makes it clear that you are actually trying to solve a murder. This means that everything in the train is evidence and you should treat it like so. My group’s initial routine of searching through everything during the discovery phase does not help this case (see what I did there?). We confused ourselves and weren't sure where each piece of evidence came from. That forced us to retrace our steps, lose a lot of time, and just made the challenge harder to overcome. [Spoiler] Treat all the “evidence” that you find as evidence and do not move them. Once you get that established, the game will flow in your favor.