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Fox In A Box

Cold War Bunker


Our goal is not only to be the best real life escape company on the market, but to have the Fox in a Box brand become a synonym for real life escape games. As a passionate, creative and reliable team, we are dedicated to providing business owners with the strong branding, know-how and support that are necessary to run a successful company. We are proud to offer the best value to our franchise partners, while building strong bonds and growing together in the competitive escape game market.


A secret bunker has been infiltrated by a rogue agent who has activated a nuclear launch sequence. Your mission? Assemble your special ops team to save the world from being blown to oblivion! Have a larger group? We offer two identical bunker rooms so you can split up and go head-to-head in a race towards heroic victory.

Highlights/Your Opinion/Review:

The game was difficult to start because of the little-to-no instructions, but as the game continued, it was on the easier side of the difficulty spectrum. However, the storyline itself is limited, but a few in world documents and letters provide a bit of context to the scenario. I liked the the integration of using a suitcase to solve multiple puzzles which created a different experience than solving multiple locks. Their hint system was simple, where the gamemaster communicated with us through a speaker. I would recommend this to be an introduction to the genre for new players since there are lots of puzzles for beginners.

Fun Facts:

  • Location: 8255 Sunset Blvd, West Hollywood, CA 90046
  • Best for: Competition Play; Large group team building
  • Pricing: (2-3) $105; (4) $140; (5) $175; (6) $210