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Mind Escape Room

Escape Thai Prison


Trouble In Paradise: It was a really long flight, but you’re finally here. Your long awaited vacation is about to begin. Sure, the security at Bangkok International is really tight, but it’ll all be over in a couple of minutes. Soon it’ll be nothing but warm beaches, jungle adventures, and eternal memories. Thailand awaits. That is, until the unexpected occurs. You’re picked up by airport security and taken to a lonely table with a single lamp light overhead. That’s when they start interrogating you. Wild accusations about. Then the kicker. They found heavy amounts of contraband in your luggage. But that can’t be right! You kick, scream and protest, but no one comes to your defense.

Highlights/Your Opinion/Review:

I had a lot of fun doing the escape room. It was on the easier side. Great for beginners! We got out in less than 40 minutes. In this game, players start separately in two prison cells and have to communicate and share clues in order to get out. Some highlights include: Participants may be dealing with other 'people' in the room (don't worry, it's not too scary). Being able to see clearly is key, and some puzzles may require a double take! My favorite part of the game is that I was able to bring out some “escape” skills I learned as a kid. Don’t worry, nothing dangerous. It was just my brother locking me in a room. ;D

Fun Facts:

  • 521 S 4th St, Philadelphia, PA 19147
  • Best for: 2-12 players