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My Escape Club

Judgement Day


MyEscape.Club are building escape room games where you will completely forget about your day-to-day routines and take a leading role in a breathtaking scenario. This is not about rooms with locks and keys! They have carefully designed all elements of the interior to fully immerse you into the escape world. And they have filled it in with exciting puzzles and special effects.


Year 2029. Humanity is losing the battle against the machines. Resistance fighters discovered a secret military bunker. It has been out of service since Judgment Day over 10 years ago. Reconnaissance data confirms the bunker was used for secret military developments and may contain cutting edge technology which can help to turn the tide of this war. Your mission is to penetrate the bunker and find out what is inside. This could be the most important mission in the history of mankind.

Highlights/Your Opinion/Review:

Most of the puzzles are high-tech designed while some puzzles are very immersive requiring you to think outside the box to solve. The puzzles, room layout, and flow complimented each other very well when it came to the experience. The concept of having to navigate through a futuristic bunker made the experience really fun. The room is 75 minutes long! It is not a room with locks and keys but rather lots of electronic puzzles which makes it seem like one of the most technologically advanced escape rooms.

Fun Facts:

  • Location: Weteringschans 187A HS, 1017 XE Amsterdam, Netherlands