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Stash House

Stash House II


You arrive at a nondescript black door with a green light...

You knock. The door slowly swings open and you're invited in...

Welcome to Stash House

Your group has been invited to a seemingly-normal Koreatown apartment owned by a local entrepreneur to discuss a business opportunity.

Shortly after arriving, you discover the apartment belongs to Ray Jones, notorious Los Angeles drug kingpin, and that Ray has a test in store for you: find all the drugs hidden in the space and flush them before the cops arrive or face the consequences.

Stash House is a ninety-minute escape experience that explores the dark underbelly of crime in Los Angeles. Does your crew have what it takes to pass the test?

Highlights/Your Opinion/Review:

Stash House is one of the best rooms I've ever done - with all the elements of a great escape room: immersive environment, compelling story, interesting puzzles, and a unique objective. This Escape Room certainly made me feel cool and pretty gangster - the video intro will really grab your attention. Stash House makes impressive use of the entire space for the Escape Room and is fun with a big group.

Fun Facts:

  • -Look around for the finishing touches that really let you know when you're in LA.
  • -Hip Hop is alive and well in this room - respect!