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The Churchill Control Room


Prepare to enter what was the epicenter of World War II. Re-trace the footsteps of Sir Winston Churchill in his "Map Room" as you assume the role of government-contracted cadets to join British military forces in completing crucial and time-sensitive objectives.

It is imperative you retrieve classified documents that are held in a highly secure place. You must then send a very specific message to ally forces to confirm your progress. Finally, you must activate the defense artillery systems to intercept incoming attacks. All of these objectives must be completed within the next sixty minutes, as more hostile forces are fast approaching!

Now is your time to show what you are made of! Be sure to stay alert of all your surroundings. Good luck, cadets!

Highlights/Your Opinion/Review:

I would highly recommend this room to any first timers to Escape Rooms.  It is linear in play, and one puzzle leads to the next.  With the right team combination, you will be able to find success in this room.

Fun Facts:

The game offered very good transitioning from one puzzle to the next.