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Find And Seek

The Curse of Madam Zita's Curiosities


Our mission is to maximize your experience! So we set out to create a gripping adventure that combines pure innovation and delightful, yet simple game play. We strive to fully immerse you in the world of Find and Seek, by ensuring that you are the main protagonist in our high stakes thriller. We engineered our puzzle adventure escape rooms from the ground up, designed with you in mind, to bring your epic adventure to life!


Down a nondescript corridor, past the old library and beyond the general store, you will find Madam Zita’s curiosities – a burial ground for her collection of wicked artifacts that time has long but forgotten. However, this seemingly ordinary bazaar holds a dark secret, one buried and covered up only to be discovered by the most cunning of individuals. Whispers of evil, maniacal treachery and occult idols await. Step back in time to the roaring 80s where you will discover the secret behind the Curse of Madam Zita’s Curiosities.


Some of the puzzles were obvious early on while others build over time. The puzzles were from a range of easy to intermediate level. The storyline behind the escape room is okay, only because we were so consumed by solving the puzzles we forgot about the backstory. There was just so much going on, and the decor is neat and goes great with the theme. The theme was so quirky and fun - it was well built out and neat. It's high tech and well thought out. I would highly recommend this place to new escape room enthusiasts!

Fun Facts: 

  • Location: 88 W Pender Street, Suite 2075, Vancouver, BC V6B 6N8 Canada