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Immersive Experience
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The Escape


You've been invited to a fancy party at a mansion in San Diego. There are drinks and plenty of people to socialize with. The host of the party decides to invite you to their VIP area, so of course we accept. As you are walking into the VIP area, we begin to feel light headed, then soon we blackout. You wake up in a dark room cuffed and now the real party begins. Will you be able to escape, or will you end up like the rest of their victims...

Highlights/Your Opinion/Review:

  • I like the team building puzzles in the room because they force everyone to communicate with each other.
  • One thing I disliked about the room was the color puzzle. Because it was also a dark room, some of the colors looked the same and just made it confusing and very time consuming.
  • The room gave me chills personally, even though it's not technically supposed to be a horror room, it still felt like someone was there.

Fun Facts:

  • Beginner groups that did this room had a 50-50 success rate.