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Escapade Games

Meet Zoe


Escapade Games is a Live Escape Room Game for a group of 2 to 6 people. Escapade is located in Fullerton, CA and is putting the immersive escape room experience under a brand new angle! The entire building is the escape room, so be prepared to wait outside in the meanwhile.


There is one scene in your mind that is busily following you. It has initially appeared in your dreams, the scene of an abandoned house, but it has started chasing you during the daytime. This house seems to be calling for you, it attracts you with an unknown force...What’s wrong with it? Is there anyone living there? Does he or she need help? You cannot survive it any longer, it’s driving you crazy...You start surfing and accidentally you find the needed location…You reach the place. You open the door and...become trapped. You have only one hour to escape until your personality starts to change

Highlights/Your Opinion/Review:

The basic gist of the escape room is that you are helping set a little girl ghost name Zoe free. However, you have to figure out games and puzzles in the house and there are other evil entities (the live actors) that try to stop you. The puzzles alone are not that difficult but add in the fact that you're trying not to die definitely makes it a challenge. Escapade Games takes their immersion to a whole extra level with their incorporation of darkness and their effective use of live actors to spark the adrenaline and really get your cognitive fight-or-flight response going. I would definitely recommend to (1) keep your group small, (2) be prepared to be touched, (3) think outside the box, and (4) be daring/brave!