Time Limit
The Nursery

"Beware of the shadows..."

Molly grew up in the Nursery.  As a child she loved to play with her friends Mr. Bob, and Awdree.  Her family tried to give her a normal life, but Molly was always ill, and spent much of her time with her imaginary friends.  She didn't care much for the daylight, and spent countless nights finding places to hide and host tea parties.  As the days went by, her family grew worried. Hoping that they could give their daughter some real friends, they tried to introduce her to Cindy & Annie. Those girls would make fun of Molly for her imaginary friends. Mr. Bob didn't like that...


The Nursery is a 72 minutes immersive live action paranormal themed escape experience that incorporates unique entertainment elements paired with extreme scenes of interactiveness, and some physicality. Guest are invited in to exorcise the entities haunting the nursery, as they venture into the further to put the souls to rest, and come face to face with some live horrors. This experience is not recommended for the faint of heart, and is not recommended for those 16 and under without the accompaniment an adult.


Free the Trapped Souls

Banish the entity within the Nursery

Free Jack from his eternal prison


You will have very limited vision within the experience.

You may find yourself in very tight spaces.

You may find yourself isolated from your teammates.

You may encounter fast flickering lights.

You will be immersed in a world of fog & haze.

You may be asked to crawl through small spaces.

Sacred Items

These holy items can be added to a game for a small additional cost.
Teams are limited to up to three items total in each experience.

Life sticks - to help guide teams through the darkness

Holy Rosary - to expel one major paranormal event

EDNA's Leash - to create a barrier between you and it

Mox Gift - to create a temporary halt in time

Kwan’s Echo - to slow sanity depreciation

Justin’s Essence - to be used to repel paranormal
(Can be found hidden in the Nursery)

Completion Rate