Quang Vu

“If you don’t have time to do it right the first time, when do you have time to do it over?”

– John Wooden

Quang Vu was born in Kien Luong, Vietnam and is an alumnus of the University of California Santa Cruz. He is currently a Science Teacher in ESUHSD at Silver Creek High School and loves every single second of it. When he’s not teaching his students about the basics of Chemistry, you can find him helping other students in after school tutoring or even coaching in his favorite sport, badminton! Some of the things he enjoys are fruity tea drinks, helping others, and his Mom’s Pho, in which he claims is the best all around the world! Quang has chosen to be a part of EDscapade because he wants to try and develop as many skills as possible. He does not want to be known as a “one trick pony”. EDscapade gives him the perfect opportunity to tap into his creativity and learn more about himself. He is super skillful in finding hidden items and figuring out odd puzzles. Once he is on a roll, no one can stop him! Once it is all said and done, Quang wants to give back to his parents no matter what and nothing is going to stop him until he has achieved his goal!