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Let’s Play Together!

2 months after the initial beta test of our latest escape experience, “The Nursery” I’m filled with nothing more than gratitude. Well, a good amount of relief, joy, stress, excitement, and pride sprinkled in as well. From the first moment we decided “Playpen” (the original name for Nursery) would be our next EDscapade escape experience in late October of 2020, the entire EDs team has been hard at work to create an immersive live action experience, unique to every player.

Inspired by a single car ride conversation between Elusive and AznMijo about the latest video game fad Phasmophobia, “The Nursery” contains a special in-game element that we hope you’ve never seen before in any other escape room. This calls for stringent training, play testing, and constant back and forth to give Northern California a taste of the extreme experiences we’ve enjoyed. Let’s just say we might’ve had just a little of extra fun creating the Nursery…

WARNING! The Nursery is a 45 +15 minutes immersive live action paranormal themed escape experience that incorporates unique entertainment elements paired with extreme scenes of interactiveness, and some physicality. Guest are invited in to exorcise the entities haunting the nursery, as they venture into the further to put the souls to rest, and come face to face with some live horrors. This experience is not recommended for the faint of heart, and is not recommended for those 16 and under without the accompaniment an adult.

With Hostage and B.o.X. in the back of our belts, we tackled “The Nursery” with a more focused mindset… yet we were still met with a number of setbacks. Puzzles not operating as intended, building new scaffolding, tearing through old scaffolding, matching fire code, the whole shebang. Days turned to weeks, and weeks turned to months as our deadlines grew closer and closer. But with an exerted effort from the entire time, many sleepless nights, and tons of honey boba - “The Nursery” is now ready to be booked… and the bookings have been rolling in. We couldn’t be more excited to share the love we have for this special experience with the rest of you all!

But prepare yourselves… you will have very limited vision within the experience. You may find yourself in very tight spaces. You may find yourself isolated from your teammates. You may encounter fast flickering lights. You will be immersed in a world of fog & haze. You may be asked to crawl through small spaces. Free Molly’s soul, or be trapped forever… She can’t wait to make your acquaintance.