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Molly’s Running Free

It feels like I was here just a few months ago telling you all about our latest escape experience, “The Nursery”. Probably because I was. On August 30th, 2021 we released the blog, “Let’s Play Together”. Detailing our experiences in the 2 months after releasing “The Nursery” into its beta phase. We were overjoyed with the excitement that “The Nursery” was sparking in the escape room world. We pride ourselves on immersion and innovation, and this experience was our biggest foray into those very ideals. Doing so meant there would be huge swings in both the positive and negative ends. It really has been a journey we’ll always remember.

Here we are 6 months later, and we’re excited to announce that we’ll soon be exiting the beta phase of “Nursery” as we continue to take all the lessons we’ve learned from beta testing and improve, improve, improve. Thank you to all of our friends, families, and EDscapade gamers that came to experience “The Nursery” first hand. Your insightful comments, excitement, and wonder has inspired us to venture even deeper into the unknown and create something we’re proud to share with all of you.

So, whilst we tinker things here, rework stuff there, and prepare to relaunch the latest version of “The Nursery” make sure you take the time to experience the rest of what EDscapade has to offer… namely “Hostage” and “B.o.X.” Come book the Beta version of “Nursery” to witness all the exciting updates that the team has laid out for you after our revamp! Who knows, maybe Molly will be extra friendly to her returning friends :)

“Step foot in the Nursery, and into the further. Flashbacks to a world of Imagination, fantasy and innocence. Work quickly to unravel the secrets between these modest walls, in a place forgotten in time. Meet Molly, your host. If you're lucky you might just get to meet her friends! Make sure you're on time to the tea party, you don't want to be a rude guest. Mr. Bob doesn't like rude guests…”