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Post Game Talk

You’ve done it! You just successfully completed your first/fiftieth escape room, and you did so in record breaking time! Or… you got stuck for 50 minutes trying to unlock a master lock who’s code was 0000. Either way- you’re in the “Post game now” (insert Dr. Strange Meme). Here are a few fun questions to circulate around your group in order to reflect on your escape experience!

1. What the heck did you do in there? Often times in escape rooms, your team will have to split up in order to complete the required tasks in your limited time. You might miss out on some key moments that your teammates had to do, and vice versa. This questions gives you greater insight on the experience, and a more robust appreciation for the escape room itself!

2. What was your favorite part? Always a great question to ask- this will be sure to spark either a rousing agreement or emphatic discussions against it. Either way, this will be great to make a memorable escape experience.

3. How was out teamwork out in the field of battle? Every experience should be a learning one. Figure out how you could have improved and keep those notes in mind for when you next enter an escape room ready to conquer it even quicker!

4. Which puzzles were the easiest/hardest for you to understand? Every team should have specialists. By using the experience to understand what each member succeeds in, you can better craft a team that will break records constantly!

5. Did you have fun? At the end of the day, escape rooms are meant to be a time of fulfillment and enjoyment for family and friends. No matter how competitive your spirit, we want you to leave feeling satisfied and with a memorable experience that will stick with you for a lifetime.

Keep these questions in your back pocket for your next escape experience, and we hope that will be with us here at EDscapade Games! We look forward to seeing you soon, thank you and have a wonderful day!