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Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

As the old adage goes, “Teamwork makes the dreamwork”. And yes, that couldn’t be more true in escape rooms. I mean, whether you’re trying to escape a deranged serial killer, protect the land of Telestia from dark magic, or banish an evil spirit from the Nursery- you’re going to want company. But what makes the perfect escape room team you might ask? Below I’ll be laying out a few of the most important roles and talents that make up the ideal squad!

First- we’ll need someone to take charge of the expedition. The Task Master. Pseudo leader of the group, the Task Master will focus on the bigger picture and assign puzzles and duties to the group. With so many things to observe and keep track of, its integral that someone has a clear idea of what has been done, and what you’re still missing. A perfect Task Master should be able to map out the flow of a room and decide what the group should be focusing on. In rooms built around a funnel system, the Task Master will spread their group in accordance to specific talents and wrangle everyone back together when the time is right. Most importantly, the task master should radiate positive energy, as their light spirits will keep morale high!

But for there to be any tasks to solve… your group will need to find all the necessary clues. Here goes the Searcher. Unraveling the mystery is half the fun. This player will look through every nook and cranny for items and hints that are integral to solving the puzzles. Be prepared to flip through books, turn over tables, and even reach into unassuming pitch black holes. The 1st pick in any competition of hide & seek, the searcher will keep the game flowing and provide their teammates with all the required materials to escape.

Now that you have your tasks and materials in hand, you’ll need someone who can’t help but always wear their thinking caps. The Solver. This person will dedicate their time and energy to complex single puzzles so that they aren’t distracted by everything else.

You’ll need to think outside the box, inside the box, around the box, above the box, and literally every other place that you might be able to orient around the box. While the entire team will need to be on their game in order to escape, its always a good idea to have your go-to solver. Different puzzles might inspire different brains, so it’ll also be to your benefit to have a player strong in some of the most common puzzle types: Morse code, directional locks, and simple ciphers.

Those are just a couple of the roles you’ll find yourself needing to fill with your escape room squad! Remember, other roles will be dependent on your team and the specific escape room that you are playing. No matter what, you’ll need to divide and conquer, work together, and have fun. Gather your friends for a trip to EDscapade Games and see if you have what it takes to be the perfect escape room team!