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Cannibal's Den


Housed in their Santa Monica location, the sketchy pathway to the room gives way to quite the appealing venue: A large waiting room with blue and orange furniture, with a huge Anubis sculpture placed directly in the middle, and large posters of each of their escape games hanging around the room. They have several games around the room to take up time as you wait, and the fancy water/coffee filter is just a nice touch. The bathroom walls are essentially a large scale painting of features of their escape games; complemented with their very own branded towels and cups. Overall a professional and up-kept venue, that helps to promote their brand.


The world is still fuzzy. The dark room you open your eyes into is unfamiliar and uninviting. You thought you were going to a concert. The man driving you and your friends to the nearby town seemed so nice, but the smile he flashed as you drifted off will haunt you forever, even if you manage to make it out of here. As panic sets in, you realize you have two choices: stay here and resign yourself to being this man’s next meal, or do everything you can to escape THE CANNIBAL’S DEN!

Highlights/Your Opinion/Review:

Honestly, such a fun game! Its obvious that Quest Room takes immersion as one of its highest priorities; from the very first moment you take in the surrounding environment (post-bagging of course), you are thrust into the lives of these captives. Specifically, Cannibal's Den is one of the first games I've entered where the "No climbing" rule has been completely negated, enhancing the anticipated dread of failing to escape. I also loved that it provided space for both practicality and ingenuity One of the few times in quite a while, where "escaping" felt more important that winning.

Fun Facts:

  • Climbing is allowed!
  • The cannibal has connections to another famous cannibal "Hannibal Lector"