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Da Vinci's Challenge II


From the outside, there's not too much display telling you where the room is; that is until you look up. A large mural of their games line the outside of the building, highlighted by the Quest Room logo. Inside, there's a slightly cramped waiting area, though with plenty of areas to sit. The patented blue and orange decor remind you of the Quest Room branding. There are several large posters up around the room with a large screen set-up displaying the leaderboards to the different escape games - a nice touch. Again, specialty branded towels and cups help to keep the venue looking professional and get's you ready for your upcoming game.


Leonardo Da Vinci is revered throughout the world as one of the greatest minds to ever live. An expert in a multitude of studies, you and your friends have sought Da Vinci out in hopes of obtaining his mentorship. However, you soon come to discover that the master has developed a test: designed to be completed only by a mind worthy of his tutelage. Do you have what it takes?

Highlights/Your Opinion/Review:

The room lends quite a bit of focus on the puzzle completing aspects in their room - which begins separated by a large wall with a small opening for communication between groups. Though, the separation ends quite early. I personally thought the room could have benefitted from even more forced cooperation between rooms before reconnecting. Puzzles tended to be analytical based, requiring exact measurements. However, the story seemed to lack some aspects of immersion that I personally find important. Essentially, the goal is to complete puzzles to prove that you are smart enough for Da Vinci's liking. So, the puzzles need to be pretty great. Luckily, some of them are! Da Vinci's Challenge is geared towards those escape room goer's mainly interested in exactly that: the challenge of completing puzzles.

Fun Facts:

  • There are costumes that you have the option to wear! (Available for all Quest Room games)