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Fox In A Box

Dracula: The Final Hour II


Huge location on Sunset Boulevard, housing a total of 8 different games. The building is large enough to separate into 2 different rooms, each with their own GM areas, in order to run the large number of games. Large black board with leaderboards, as well as a monthly riddle that when figured out gives a discount code for future games.


It's been a long time since you've slayed your first vampire. Time has come for you and your friends, fellow vampire-hunters themselves, to retire. But, before you do, one thing remains in the way: the strongest Vampire of them all - the notorious Dracula! Do you have what it takes to defeat the blood-sucking monster that has kept children up at night for years? Or will you succumb to Dracula and his protective guardians?

Highlights/Your Opinion/Review: 

From the moment you enter Dracula's lair, it truly does feel like you've entered the era of German Expressionism - a mix between medieval fortress and a monster's lair. A hallmark of Fox In a Box rooms are their high production value, and Dracula continues this tradition. I'm mostly impressed with the fun and innovative win-conditions, rather than the typical code to open the door. Although, in the case of The Final Hour, the immersion fell just a bit short, whence compering to other Fox In the Box rooms that impressed me so much. With that said, Dracula: The Final Hour is still a notch above the typical escape room and a great introduction for new-comers into the amazing possibilities that escape rooms hold!

Fun Facts:

  • No real chest/code locks that I remember
  • Riddle in the lobby for discount code