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Deep into Long Island, the road is long, but surely worth it. As soon as we enter we were greeted with a group of hilarious workers, that were evidently escape room enthusiasts. They helped bring the experience to the next level whilst having fun. A small television screen sits at the top of the wall playing the trailer for your upcoming game. The jokey, fun vibes helped to remind what escape rooms are all about; having fun!


Your worst nightmare is real. You’ve become one of the town’s ‘missing people’.  You are trapped in some sort of horror infested lair. While trying to survive alongside your fellow captives you discover that one of your cell mates is not who they appear to be. An accomplice is amongst you. Unravel the mystery and escape before you become another statistic of Fear the Clown’s wrath.

Highlights/Your Opinion/Review:

Sadistic clowns. Unruly maniacs. Creepy crawlers. The name says it all: your greatest fears piled all into one creepy ass escape room. The fear factor surely plays an integral role in the overall experience of the game, taking a few moments to really get into the flow of the game. I recommend going with the Extreme version for the full experience. Live actors add such a fun facet to any game! FEAR surprised me with some of its difficult, but enjoyable puzzles to figure out. Not for the faint of heart, but if you're a lover of thriller escape rooms - FEAR is for you!

Fun Facts: 

  • 2 Versions
  • Regular
  • Extreme: Featuring a Live Actor