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Stash House

Stash House


The venue you enter, is the room you are to play in. Dressed up like a real-life drug lord's apartment, the immersion begins as soon as you step foot into the room. Interesting idea to utilize space with only one game in the entire large-scale venue.


You and your friends have arrived to the apartment of Ray Jones, a notorious drug kingpin in Koreatown, LA. He has a test for you; find and flush the 6 pouches of drugs hidden throughout the apartment to join his crew, or fail in the 90 minutes it takes for the cops to arrive, getting framed in a drug infested Stash House.

Highlights/Your Opinion/Review:

Created by a group of talented creatives, Stash House brings with it an incredible sense of authenticity. From its hint system, to the set design, to the connection of puzzles to story elements, it's obvious there's a great amount of importance placed on an enjoyable overall experience for the players. There's a different feeling you get from playing Stash House, which I find is its greatest asset. It's not an extremely high-tech room, and yet you wouldn't know it. The required feeling of accomplishment post-puzzle is prioritized and surely felt. With such a large space, the game is able to take full advantage of its 90 minute run time, never feeling too long or drawn out. Stash House is an experience that escape room lovers surely should try! Oh, and I forgot to mention, YOU REALLY DO GET TO FLUSH THE DRUGS!

Fun Facts:

  • Soon to be opening a bonus room within the game, allowing additional puzzles and expanding the story further.