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Komnata Quest

The Maze Of Hakaina


You enter a dimly lit building, with black paint and small lights illuminating off their walls. This immediately gives off the eerie immersive vibes Komnata seems focused on exploring. Though there was nothing too out of the ordinary in the lobby: couches, a photo wall, a water cooler. The experience truly starts as you begin to enter into the escape room, given a fun little mask as you hear the tale of Hakaina.


Lost souls are rumored to be roaming the maze. On a special day of the year, festivals are held celebrating Japanese tradition. Though, parents must keep a watchful eye on their children, as many have gone missing - presumed to have been taken by the demon the maze. Enter, and discover what lurks inside of the Maze of Hakaina.

Highlights/Your Opinion/Review:

Despite the unmatched feeling of joy from escaping your first escape room, over time, these games slowly start to fall into a similar pattern: solve a couple puzzles, find the code, open the final door. Maze of Hakaina takes that mold, scoffs at it, and reminds us what's really possible with an escape game experience. With some of the coolest technology in the escape game today; something Komnata Quest is known for, M.o.H. takes you through an entire fantastical story with unmatched immersion and great puzzles. Rather than simply escaping, Komnata Quest prioritizes unraveling a captivating story, with turns at each corner, leading to a super satisfying ending! I'd recommend this to anyone remotely interested in escape room games, especially those seeking a new, innovative experience.

Fun Facts:

  • Walls that push open provide a mini puzzle to traverse the actual Maze the game is set in.
  • Kanji lining the walls really immerse you into the game.
  • Moving wall!