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SAW Escape Room

The Official SAW Escape: Saw Escape Room


Visitors at Egan & Co. Meat Packing Plant were given an exclusive tour of the plant only to find out that they are trapped inside and forced to play an elaborate game designed by the infamous Jigsaw killer to survive.


If Hollywood and number scavenger hunt created an escape room, you would get the Saw Escape Room. The Hollywood quality set design of the Saw Escape Room made it feel as if you were in the actual Saw movie. On the other hand, the puzzles do not live up to the Hollywood scenic quality. The majority of the puzzle was to find a combination of numbers, input into a lock, and repeat. However, the fear and scare factor of the atmosphere makes you second guess yourself if you have the correct combination. Considering that the Saw Escape Room is located in Las Vegas, the majority of people that come and play are tourists, which is perfect since the puzzles are beginner level. As for escape room enthusiasts, you are not missing out on anything if you decide to skip the Saw Escape Room.

Fun Facts 

  • Each room in the facility has a different time limit (e.g. first room has a 20 minute limit, last room has a 9 minute limit). If you finish all the puzzles early in one room, your extra time does not rollover to the next room. If you cannot solve all the puzzles in the particular room before time runs out, your game does not end there. You are still able to move on to the next room, but you will be penalized.