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The Prey


One of your greatest fears has come to life. You have become the “missing” person seen on the news, taken by the unknown serial killer at large. You will use your wits and work together with the other “missing” persons, relying on instincts and overcoming obstacles. You just might come out of this alive. We hope you’re up for the challenge, if not, you’ll just have to see for yourselves.

Highlights/Your Opinion/Review:

Tough to critique this room: to preface, our group was placed along with 2 separate groups of players, tripling for a total of 12 in the room. Typically this wouldn't be a problem, but when groups are separated between rooms and are required to work together, this presents an issue. The introduction to Prey is quite the spectacle - taking you all the way down to the basement of the locations, along with the acting from the GMs help to immerse you into the world. Though, the difficulties communicating and working as a group took us out of the world and sadly prevented us from truly experiencing what this room has to offer. I will say, the room structure, separating into 3 groups over the typical 2 surely provides a different escape room experience.

Fun Facts:

  • From 4-12 people
  • **17+ unless accompanied by an adult. This room has a 4 person minimum**